Weekly Classes


Somatic Yoga Therapy combines Hanna Somatic Education with yoga breath work and mindfulness to help you release chronic tension and quiet your mind.

January 9-February 20, 2019
Wednesdays with Gracia 12 - 1pm
Prema Studio in Northfield
Registration Required

Using breath and slow gentle movements, Hanna Somatic Education releases tension and pain while increasing range of motion. Simple, mindful movements reconnect and re-educate muscles and brain so they work harmoniously and efficiently together. No experience necessary.

Individual Sessions

You can live with more ease in body and mind through bringing conscious awareness to habitual tension patterns and releasing them.

Contact Gracia to schedule individual sessions.

Kind Words: "Working with Gracia in individual Somatics sessions has made a big difference for me. I carry a lot of tightness in certain areas of my body. Gracia helps me get right into the areas that need help. Her incredible insight and knowledge of the body have helped me to release chronic tension that I thought might never release. I am so much more comfortable now. I highly recommend Somatics individual sessions. The benefits are amazing!" ~Mary Upham, Northfield

Kind Words: "I started weekly individual somatics sessions with Gracia a year ago. She emphasizes slow movements coordinated with breathing to release tension. The practice is a form of meditation. I have to be totally present to do the movements. After each session I feel so relaxed. I am looking forward to my second year of individual somatics sessions with Gracia. I am happy to be learning her style of yoga which involves the physical, mental, and spiritual parts of my being." ~H. H. Northfield