You can live with more ease in body and mind through bringing conscious awareness to habitual tension patterns and releasing  them.

Kind Words: "Working with Gracia in individual Hanna Somatics sessions has made a big difference for me. I carry a lot of tightness in certain areas of my body. Gracia helps me get right into the areas that need help. Her incredible insight and knowledge of the body have helped me to release chronic tension that I thought might never release. I am so much more comfortable now. I highly recommend individual Somatics sessions. The benefits are amazing!"
~Mary Upham, Northfield

Kind Words: "I started weekly individual yoga sessions with Gracia a year ago. She emphasizes slow movements coordinated with breathing to release tension. The practice is a form of meditation. I have to be totally present to do the movements. After each session I feel so relaxed. I am looking forward to my second year of individual Somatic Yoga Therapy sessions with Gracia. I am happy to be learning her style of yoga which involves the physical, mental, and spiritual parts of my being."
~H. H. Northfield


Spiritual counseling and astrological counseling aim to help you have a healthy ego in service to your true Self.  Ego and spirit can work in a sacred partnership if each is allowed to do its own job. All parts of a person are sacred and need attention. Getting in touch with the shadow or unlikable parts of yourself is a key to wholeness. Self understanding is essential if one wishes to be in touch with the Divine.

Kind Words: "Gracia's approach to  spirituality invites me to live without violence, with compassion and kindness towards myself and others. Her m ethods help to quiet me; mind, body, and spirit. Within this quiet there is space to listen to God, to my own inner wisdom, and to others. This allows me to more deeply practice my Christian faith. "
~Marian McKone, Northfield


Bring more wisdom and joy to your daily life by creating space in your mind so you can make better choices. The ultimate goal of meditation is to let go of habitual, restrictive thought patterns in order to connect with your True Self. Meditation will increase your awareness giving you the ability to consciously respond to life rather than alwaysreacting habitually.

Kind Words: "Gracia has a kind and open hearted approach to teaching meditation techniques that makes it fun and easy to learn. She helps you to see and honor all that is perfect, whole and complete within yourself, as well as within others."
~  Sue Hardman-Conklin, Minneapolis