Meditation Training

More and more people are interested in exploring meditation. There is a lot of research being done on the benefits of meditation and the media has been reporting it. People are hungry for practices that will help them stay centered in the midst of their busy lives.

Learn how to guide others through visualizations, mantra, mudra, and breathing techniques to induce a relaxed and engaged state of mind.

In this training you will learn about the levels of yogic meditation and how the ability to concentrate is necessary before deeper states of meditation can be attained.

The Meditation Teacher Training is designed for yoga teachers who want to deepen their own meditation practice and/or add meditation to their course offerings. It is also suitable for therapists, teachers and clergy who would like to teach yogic meditation. Those who would simply like to deepen their own knowledge and practice of meditation are also welcome.

This program will support you in developing your own meditation practice. Through experiencing these techniques yourself, you will learn to feel confident sharing them with others.

 Topics Covered

~ Definition of Yogic Meditation

~ Mantra

~ Mudra

~ Visualization Techniques

~ Breathing Techniques

~ Helping students to get comfortable

~ Simple seated movements to ease tension while sitting  


Meditation can only be understood through practice. For this reason, a personal practice and the use of a meditation journal are required components of the Meditation Teacher Training. Even 10 minutes of practice a day can make a tangible difference in your life. Reading assignments and writing in a meditation practice journal are expected throughout the program.

A manual, personal practice audio recordings, and recorded lectures are included in your tuition. Any student wanting certification as a meditation teacher will be expected to complete practice teaching assignments.


A keen interest in meditation as part of the spiritual system of yoga.


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Continuing Education Hours available for Yoga Alliance Registered Teachers.

“Gracia's warmth, humor, and depth of understanding make this course a rich experience.” Dee Churchill
Cannon Falls, Minnesota

Gracia teaching at Uttara Yoga Studio in Roanoke, Virginia.

"Gracia's presence exudes spirituality, compassion, wisdom, and joy. She  teaches the tools of meditation in a way that enables you to walk the path for yourself.”
Lori Williams
Northfield, Minnesota