Rituals with Gracia

Rituals are an important way of marking special events and transitions in our lives. They provide a meaningful pause, a time set aside to acknowledge a shift is taking place. Meaningful rituals connect us to the sacredness of life and help us to honor the beauty of change and development.

Times when a ritual may be meaningful: Weddings
Death of Loved One
Memorial Service/Funeral
Marriage Vow Renewal
Baby Blessing
Adoption of a Child
Office Blessing
Vastu House Blessing
Significant Birthday
Death of a Pet

A ritual can be created for any transition that feels significant such as becoming a parent, change in career, retirement, or the change of seasons.


"We had Gracia perform a blessing for our baby daughter. As I reflect on her first year, blessing her was one of our most magical experiences as a family. Gracia is warm, loving, fun, and wise. She took such care to create a meaningful ritual that fit our values and vision. She created an experience of pure beauty for our family. Thank you!"
  ~  Rachel

"For my 45th birthday, I wanted to do a 'Wisening Ceremony' to welcome the next season of my life. Gracia and I met and planned a wonderful ritual which included female guests of a similar age. Each woman contributed to consciously mark the day. The ritual and intention made it remarkable and Gracia anchored the spiritual space for us in a beautiful way." ~  Tania

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